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Herald Coupe


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Good evening,


As I am willing to start my Coupe renovation , I am very interested in Pictures from Herald Coupes from out-and inside.

I couldn't visit " Coupe Sunday " at TriumFest and would appreciate any pics from there or anywhere else.

you could upload them here within the forum or send me an email to schwanenapotheke-weingarten at t-online.de


Thank you all in advance


kind regards



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How is your coupe restoration coming on?

What have you got and how much work needs doing?

I'm also working on a coupe but progress is slow but mechanics are finished and I'm working on the bodywork replacing all the panels and building a new bonnet from all new panels.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi ZW..,


Sorry for coming back to you quite late. I haven `t visited the forum so far . That `s why I was a very " slow responder ".

I am afraid that my Coupe is in the same state of "rebuild " as yours.

Chassis and axles done,chassis painted in Lichfield Green as the pre-owner liked to change colour from an original Alpine Mauve/ Sebring White to a more popular 

Lichfield Green.Bodywise the crucial work has been done but bonnet ,doors and boot lid still need some tlc.

Still searching for somebody to do the paint for reasonable money.


have a good night



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