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Wind Deflector Prototype Herald 13/60

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Not sure if anyone else has done this . MX5 wind deflector mounted to a couple of bits of timber ( for now ) to stop the cabin turbulence. Cost of MX5 deflector £28 delivered from E-Bay. About an hour fiddling. Held in place by the interference fit of the timber . Wind reduced by at least 90% I reckon. Work in progress! 



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I haven’t got any hair , only an unkempt beard , but sometimes you need to appease the better half . Nothing drilled or permanent and removed in less than a minute 👍

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I think the idea is great! 

Long hair blowing in your eyes, getting tangled its something I would avoid if possible. Haircuts are not a welcome suggestion I am $1000's in front.

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13 hours ago, Andrew said:

Also I love the wind in my hair

At least you have hair for the wind to disturb.

Frankly I've never found it a problem, but then the fluff on my head that passes as hair is very short.

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This one from a modern Audi is a perfect fit for the Herald / Vitesse, bar working out the fine points of how to attach it. I'll have to get hold of a spare hoodwell cover and cut / stitch accordingly to sit properly and cover the attachment points.




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Colin .

 I agree, the Audi one seems perfect for our cars.

Would you mind sharing how you attached your deflector?

Maybe some photos of it without the hood cover fitted?


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Sorry guys, was out of the country followed by a completely unrelated stop in a local medical establishment; getting back on track now.

I think that's an A3 deflector, picked up off eBay for about £40. It folds in half then half again so is easy to carry in the boot, but at present it's NOT properly fitted due to the end lugs being too wide and I'm loathe to cut them off in case I banjax something that makes it all fall apart when folded again. If those end buttons were removed it would fit between the rear wingtop flanges nicely and could then be simply attached to the bodywork. I'll experiment later but as I have other professionally-made versions that one is on hold, as is the one I tried to make at home but ended up looking less than professional.






This one below is the one I was famously sold by CabrioSupply, fitted in seconds with no cutting required. Rubbish. It doesn't fit the Herald at all, too small, and the mounting lugs will need adapting - note that that has been covered up in their photo by the hoodwell cover. They declined to take it back on the grounds that no-one else had ever complained before so it's probably my fault for not realising it should really be screwed in place.

Screenshot2022-10-26at20_51_57.thumb.png.d10b49e4dfc75362ccee8dc66748c416.png image002.jpg.bb49774d9d1e8eb653f21d1cce08c40b.jpg


This is the unfinished home-made version in tan for the 13/60; I'm trying to work out how the actual deflector can be attached so that it can be folder and stored away. The clamps just hook over the inside of the hoodframe, and are still being adjusted before final covering. I like the ones that cover the entire rear seat hence the design of this one.






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