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Radiator advice needed


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Hi all

I have a Burlington Berretta that has the 2 litre SS engine.

It was sitting in a barn for 10 years before I dragged it out. The previous owner put in a small radiator when the one it had started leaking ( why he didn't get a recore I don't know.....). The rad it has now does not cool the engine sufficiently.

It's 18" wide 16" tall and about 2" wide.

I'm looking for a replacement no bigger than 18" wide. There may be scope for a taller rad but I can't be sure without taking the thing apart


So, what should I be looking for? If the car was a standard one I could look it up but as it is I don't know what car would be a suitable donor.


Any help would be appreciated




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I would take a look at ebay, there are plenty of radiators on there and they usually include dimensions.

A picture of the current rad would help?


As alternatives go, I used a polo radiator, cost about £20 delivered, on my old zetec powered spitfire. 155bhp, driven hard, no cooling issues. I know people have used the slightly larger golf and possibly passat radiators too in GT6's and they have much improved cooling.

Other suitable rads include an aluminium honda civic rad, they are about £60, fitted to a few GT6's.


They may require the addition of a separate header tank, (often 5/8 connection to rad bottom hose, and a small 5/16 connection to either the thermostat housing or top of rad, highest point is best) but this addition is a huge improvement over the old rad caps as it constantly bleeds any air out of the cooling system.





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Hi,Clive ,Ive run a Burlington for the last 15 years . I originley  used a re-cored Spitfire radiator but this struggled  to cope.I then tried a custom alloy rad 15x15 x2 inchs  with aFord Mondao  electric fan,this has worked very well on my travels around europe.                Start the car up and see if the top & bottom hoses get hot ,check that the rad is hot (top & bottom).If not may be a blocked rad or stuck thermostat. Ive noticed you may have Haydens  original design rad grill, this may restrict the amount of air entering the rad. I suggest you remove    it and see if this helps and KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM FAN!!!                                                                                             ATB Ray

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