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Starter motor won't disengage


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Hi guys, recently I had problems with my starter motor :


Sometimes the starter didn t catch the flywheel 

Sometimes it would rotate slowly (on full battery)

Eventually car would start and the starter motor wouldn't disengage


So I changed the solenoid as i found one new for £7, and now the car starts but starter motor doesn t disengage anymore, ever...

I took the starter out (much easier than I thought) cleaned it with petrol (see attachment) and put it back.

The only thing I notice when out, is the main spring was very lazy...


Also you can see attachment of my solenoid, this was the old one, but connection are same on the new one.


Do you think my motor is too tired ? there are reconditioned one for £40 , is it worth buying and changing brush, springs, bendix or just buy a reconditioned ?

Will adding extra space between the flywheel and the motor will help it disengage easier ?


thx a lot 






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I'd bench test the starter if you have some old jump leads and a battery. If it spins well (please ensure its well held down in a vice). If it spins well then it's the wiring if not then I'd suggest a reconditioned unit



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Rimmers outright buy new was in their sale last week as a good buy, recons can be a blow of paint

and a new box.


the pinion must spin up down the helix with ease, the return spring is quite light

it should self return if you wind it up the helix


if no graphite then sand paper a pencill lead


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Sandpaper a pencil?  And risk abrasive substances getting into your starter?

If you must, whittle the pencil with a knife.

But why bother when graphite is so cheap?   See:http://www.tooled-up.com/product/kasp-graphite-powder-for-dry-lubrication-of-locks-padlocks/206675/?Referrer=googleproductlisting&gclid=CKGEwr2_w8sCFQ2eGwodS_8OBA (just the first hit on a Google search for Graphite powder)


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Try the MGBhive. (yes, heresy!) I took my starter off for a look 3 weeks ago, it had never been disturbed in 35+ years. Looking at the cost of parts made the decision for me, a brand new Lucas unit from there was £56 delivered. If I remember correctly,the Bendix alone was over £20. Very helpful people too.

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And they were quick to point out there's a 12 month guarantee as well.

One detail I did notice , mind, with most of the new ones on sale is that the old one had a solid body, whereas the new ones on sale have a removable cover on the back for access to the brushes. A difference in detail if you're a stickler for originality.

Best regards.

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