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Herald door seals


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Hi Folks


I have just fitted some new door seals to my 13/60 herald saloon but now i can not shut the doors without giving them a good slam. I bought them from MEV spares. My question is are they the wronge ones,has anyone had the same problem as me and if so how did you cure it, i was thinking maybe i should have bought them from canley classics or rimmer brothers. Any help would be great cheers.

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Are the rubber bits tubelike?

If so they are the same as supplied by many people. However, IIRC original ones have a lip. 

Bill at Rarebits is the man for all things Herald. may not be as cheap as ebay, but not much more. But he ONLY sells quality stuff, especially seals.


I doubt you can return them just because the are not original in style. You can knock the metal lip that the seals push onto back inwards a little using a hammer and bit of wood.

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the seal Rare Bits 4 Classics    http://www.rarebits4classics.co.uk/     well know supplier of  original spec components .


market does replecate the orininals the singl e flip/lipped seal takes the ballon out of the bubble seals most will purport to being 

correct,  fit Bills lipseal and door shuts will be a nice tolerable clunk not the wham bang slam   that many end up with.


    many of us have been down this learning curve over the years .



   another good place to have a browse at thousands of original seal extrusions and contours is 





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