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GT6 Mk3 Door Locks: What actually happens when key is turned?

Dave C

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Here is my problem:


If I unlock the passenger door using the key I can open the door normally.


If I then close the unlocked door and try to open it again the door handle feels like it almost engages, but misses. There is a slight click as it does so which you can also feel through the handle. The door will not open.


If I then insert the key and turn it to the unlock position the door will now open again.


But if I close the door it won't open again....


And so on.


The door will open OK using the interior door handle.


So, before I take the door card off and start poking about I was hoping someone might give me some tips regarding which end to start and what to look for.


At the moment I'm thinking the problem is probably at the door handle end rather than the lock end?


Hence the title: what is actually happening when I turn the key which allows the handle to engage once, but not repeatedly?


Any help and advice gratefully received.





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I'm assuming MK3 GT6 MK4 Spitfire handles. Here's a picture of the inside of the handle. When you open the door the white plastic piece is moved out and the adjustable screw head acts on a steel arm. Cold it be that the screw needs adjusting up a tad? I hope the picture is of some help.





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