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New engine coolant - DHMO

Unkel Kunkel

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Mixed with  up to 50% with antifreeze , this liquid has a remarkable specific heat capacity and  its use as an engine coolant obviously  has real potential( it's presently  used in nuclear power plants) and may well even  have a place in  central heating systems.and a future in heat engines


.It has  literally  thousands of uses 


However ,It has been implicated in the production of acid rain and serious corrosion of ferrous metal  so  it should be handled responsibly 


Whilst some claim it is relatively non toxic, saying it has even been  drunk  by humans and animals  without obvious  lasting harm it is known that it can  be  fatal  if inhaled)


A full data sheet is available ( full training in its use is regarded as mandatory)



But I think it has  a real future - I'm confident you will be   be using it  very  soon


 DHMO isn't everyone's cup of tea though  - so get the facts:



  visit www.dhmo.org>facts










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Well it's  now after noon on April 1st ..

I am sure DHMO or  dihydrogenmonoxide  aka  H2O didn't fool any of you.!


Acronyms are beloved in many walks of life. 

Chatting to a nurse one day,as one does,  we got on to the subject of diarrhoea ....as one does it seems when chatting to nurses. 

she like many, struggles to spell diarrhoea 

I suggested using a different term knowing that  people love hyferluting long  names especially in the NHS  and  it would be reduced to an acronym in her notes 

I suggested Sudden Hyperactive Intestinal Transit Syndrome ...

I thought it  more amusing than she 

 Be warned - don't tease nurses..

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