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Spitfire Carpet Fitting Advice


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Ive recently purchase a new set of carpets and underfelt in the Rimmer brothers sale, but they did not come with any fitting instructions. There is a video on you tube that says to glue carpets in place but it did not use any underfelt?


Should i glue the underfelt in place and if i do then how does the carpet get held in place? Any guidance would be appreciated. They are the standard carpets by the way and not the moulded ones.




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I would glue to the felt  this should make it stiff enough to stop it walking around


failing that cup washers and a tap screw  if  you glue the lot it could wreck the carpet backing if you need to remove it 


there are some self adhesive mat screw retainers around for add on mats   


loose fit carpets  are quite neat , but they cam ruck up under your feet ,  if theres a sill cover  then thats a glue  job 

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