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Vitesse shocks with CV driveshafts

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Hi All,

As part of my current Vitesse Mk2 restoration I will be replacing the rotoflex driveshaft’s with CV types as I have done on my convertible. I’ll also be replacing the lever dampers with shocks.

I’m lead to believe that I won’t need to add the extension bracket for the top shock mount as I don’t now have a rubber doughnut that I need to clear. So, my question is what shock absorbers do I need (if at all different) because the top position will have changed.

Has anyone done this………..

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I have CV shafts on my spitfire, but the chassis is identical to yours (for this question)

And I have spitfire/herald/Mk1 vitesse shocks fitted (Koni of course!) They are fine, the only "issue" is that there is a slight misalignment from vertical in the front/rear direction. This is easily taken up by the shock bushes, though I have std rubber bushes fitted.


And having recently had the shafts/spring etc off to change to a subaru diff, I can confirm working on the car is 10000% easier without the rubber rotoflex in there!

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They were bought for my Mk1 vitesse many years ago, and still good as new, but slightly battered looking now. So no idea on part number. They were for spit/herald etc etc (and £80 a pair from Rimmers on a show special!)

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