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head transplant

Unkel Kunkel

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I saw the title in the news and  like you   you too,I suspect,being car orientated,  thought "cylinder heads"

but no , Sergio Canavero from Turin   is really  proposing a human head transplant possibly next year


Actually,it could arguably be a "body transplant" as someone's head is given someone else's body.....


This is different  to being given a deceased's brain which was speculated some years ago.

The project was abandoned.

Apart from other considerations it was going to be vastly expensive.Part of the expense was the brain with the  cost of the new brain  depending  on the donor's former occupation.

For example , a engineer's brain would be  £10k, a teacher's would  at £15k, lawyer's could fetch  £20k but everyone was absolutely staggered by the £150k proposed  for a politician's brain.

The high cost  for the politician's brain was justified , apparently.

Not only are  they very rare and exceedingly  small , when you do manage to get your hands on one  you can be  certain it will have  had very little use.

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Three surgeons were discussing operations over lunch.

The first claimed he had reattached severed fingers to a man's hand and he is now a well-known concert pianist.

The second claimed he had reattached two severed legs and the man was now an accomplished skier.

The third claimed he had worked on the body of a man hit by a train. All he could find was the a*se and the blonde hair, so he attached them together anyway. The guy is now running for President of the USA....

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brilliant - we're wasted here...


True story re brain/mind:

i worked with an elderly colleague well known for his ability make pithy comments and his loathing of officialdom

A particularly pompous civil servant had been holding forth for several minutes

After she eventually  finished, R simply  asked "and what  are you proposing to do   about ...?"

"To be frank, that hadn't crossed my mind"

Getting up from his seat he said , "Well that's a pity"

 and  turning  as he left the room he smiled , adding   "it would have been such a  short journey...."



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