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Racing GT6 MK3 steering column?


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I'm restoring a Triumph GT6 MK3 and once its done I want to take it to hill climbs and some track days and possibly at some point race it, and my father was advising me on getting a collapsable steering column.. Is this an option for a GT6 MK3 as I have searched online and have not seen any for sale for a GT6. If anyone has any experience on this topic please let me know any information that you have about it.




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There's collapsible and collapsing!

That sliding joint might or might not stop the steering wheel bashing you in the chest in a frontal.

Moderns will have a length of mesh tube, strong in rotation, weak longitudinally, or more likely two U/js, not the one in the Triumph. Then, the column folds up in a frontal.


This design is also dictated by the short front and distance from axle to steering wheel in many moderns, but is most effective.


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If you are serious about competing, my advice would be to decide what series before progressing too far, and build the car to the regs. Or look at all the series you may want to compete in. The last thing you want to do is build a car that is ineligible for anything.

Or plan B is to use it for grass roots motorsport, the kind of thing that is fun and cheap. We did an autosolo yesterday, great fun, £35 to enter and the car has to have an MoT. Simple.

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