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Mk2 Vitesse Rear Number Plate Fitting

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When I got my Vitesse the boot lid inset panel was missing, the number plate was attached with double sided tape to a black metal frame that had two 3/8th UNF bolts that pass through the boot lid and are secured (naturally) with nuts inside the boot lid. 


I always assumed that the number plate frame was original and would bolt through the insert, but....


I have finally managed to obtain an immaculate original insert, complete with rubber washers and nuts and it is not drilled for any sort of number plate location at all.


The insert is in such good condition that, although the seller did not know its' history, I think it possible it is unused NOS and has never had a plate attached.


Question is, please can someone tell me what is the correct original factory method of fitting the number plate?

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I've just checked my Mk2 and the black & white plate is held in position by 2x bolts and appropriate nut.


The bolt heads are black to match the number plate; but I think that was something the PO did to blend the plate & nut head.


As far as I am aware, that is the correct method of attachment.


Hope that helps ??





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