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New headrests


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I got new foams for my headrests and was going to put them in my old black headrest covers. I've always thought black headrests looked a bit naff with my interior which is chestnut but, surprise, I found that Rimmers now do coloured head rest covers, so I bought some. I believe originality says I should keep the black but I don't care! Chestnut headrests look fantastic!

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Aha a new chestnut ,, bit different to the old chestnut


my 2000, had light grey seats and black headrests, so we have something odd in common !!!!


but last week changed the fronts to Alpha 156 seats with matching HR,

dont match the back seats now though, do I dye the dark light or the light dark,





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remember linux support for the one i had stopped , and my  laptop guru said why not try win10 its about on the button now, so we swapped it over

the memory stick with all my e mail addresses corrupted itself on reboot and lost them, but cant think what its called but theres a program to recover 

them from heck knows where.


which worked apart from the usual windows whizzing off as soon as it see.s a opening its been sort of OK

apart from picture resizing which has a mind bigger than mine and i cant get a result from it


also ordered some Cargo's from ......yeh    Chum's.....   you cant get your hands in the pockets when the waist is under you arm pits


suppose it goes with the slipper image




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