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Gearstick bushing kit

Red Devil

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Can anyone help me? I'm attempting to fit a gear stick bushing kit as the upper plastic "bowl" had broken and hence the spring and reverse lockout weren't working. I've fitted it by looking in the manual and at the one I have removed but I still have these parts below left over. They consist of two plastic washes, two fibre washes, a metal barrel like the one I have used on the bolt that fixes the stick to the operating shaft only longer, a piece of rubber hose and an o-ring!


I have only sorted the stick not the top rail thing with the four bolts at the end so haven't used the gasket that came with the kit either but I can't see that these parts would be for that and I want to be sure what I've done it right before I put it all back together again!




Also, how tight should the bolt that attaches the stick to the operating shaft be? It isn't coming off but I do have play in this part as you can see it is a little loose in the picture below, ie it doesn't clamp tight the little black washes either side of the stick but maybe there is meant to be some play so the stick "wobbles" when in neutral!




Many thanks in advance for any help received.



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Thats a different kit to some available but


the rubber like bush should go thro the hole in the base of the lever, with a white washer

fitted either side of the bush the small tube fits thro the bush

and should control the amount you can tighten the through bolt


Thre red washers fit in the middle rod fork


the O rings are the oils seals and you can only fit these by stripping the rods out of the tower as they locate in grooves inside the rod bore hole I would leave these well alone


if you have fitted a new plastic cup spherical make sure the metal cup has no sharp edges or the new cup will mince the platic cup far to quickly


amd the lower pivot bolt must fit one way or it will foul the casting and make selection of 3rd 4th a bit on a curve look under the remote to view this


the reverse stop is adjustable , it may need a twiddle to set the width of the H gate





I would leave them well alone,

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This is really helpful. When you say leave them alone which parts?


I was hoping not to take anything else apart so do I need to fit the red washes to the middle fork? I guess I can if necessary.


I don't quite understand the bit about the rubber hose or how this works with what I have fitted from the kit. Included in the kit was a shorter length of the black metal tube like the longer one in the top right of my picture. At present I have used this and two black washers either side of the stick before inserting the through bolt. Are you saying that is wrong and I should fit the rubber hose and use the white washers instead? The kit I have came from dimmers but is just like the one from canley in the picture below. Currently I have used the black washers above the o-rings and the shorter metal tube be lower the smaller Spring.




I don't know if it makes any difference but the car is a mk2 gt6.


Really appreciate this as I'm dying to sort it so I can drive it!



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Leave the 0rings alone , you have to remove the tapered locking pin and knock the short front shaft out of the remote, dig the rinhs out and when you refit the shaft you will slice the new 0 ring, dont go there unless there is a good leak here.


will have a dig in the grey matter , the rubber hose , is this going to be a insert for the gear knob


the white bushes normally have a shoulder, that fits the hole in the stick , yours look like flat whites

hence the thought the rubber was the bush with a flat white each side


in you photo the through bolt is wrong way round




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