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Handbrake Improvers

Darren Groves

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these have been around on and off for some years, these are very expensive,


you also have to take in consideration how much load you are now  about doubling whats designed through the orig levers 

and shoe web.  something downstream may decide to buckle .


      if set correctly the std set up can  just produce the correct % all beit only  just ,  


             I guess someone out there has used them with some  hope  



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I believe dolomite and another model (brain fade on that!) all have different lengths, so there are ready made alternatives without welding. And make the pointa bit of extra should be perfectly OK. I would add about 1/2" but be aware you will need to adjust the brakes more often. But also make sure everything is working spot on. It makes a world of difference. I recently welded up some arms to repair worn bits, cleaned/lubricated and readjusted everything. Vast improvement (despite passing MoT as was)

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