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Motorsport at the Palace event, this weekend


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What a blast!  Thanks for dropping by in the paddock, Andy - good to see you again!



Motorsport at the Palace has been happening annually since 2010, when Sevenoaks and District MC had the brilliant idea of reviving what remains if the old CP GP circuit as a sprint event.  It's been so successful that SDMC has engaged a professional promotion company to run it this year - and very well too.    If you think it is under publicised complain to them!


For it was under entered by only two other Triumphs.   Rob Welsh with his T2000 (with a BMW 2.5L engine!) and Clive Letherby's TR6, billed as having 4L, but no idea what, as the owner  was never around when I visited.   Both are members of 7Oaks, but not of this or any Marque club like this one.    Which was sad, as no other Triumpheros shared this gorgeous event!


Everyone got five runs a day, two practice and three that counted, or rather one of three, and the fastest was the important one.    That may sound minimal, but it's once an hour, which is completely different from a race meeting where you may be active once in the AM and once in the PM.    And how active!   The course is short - about 700 meters - and I don't think I breath during a run, there so much else to do.  Certainly, I arrive at the finish line, breathless and gasping.


It's held in classic spring/hillclimb fashion.     When called, you queue for the start line, where a valiant and hardworking team of marshals manhandle your car so that a 'timing strut', an upright strip on the bumper, just doesn't break a light beam.     When the light goes green you start in your own time, breaking the beam and starting the clock, which is stopped again by a beam on the finish line.    In between, there are acute bends, a hairpin, three straights and one of the hairiest corners, North Tower, in the country.   Narrow, closely surrounded by trees and bushes, it has at least three apices, each of which must be hit just right to make best speed.   It's not easy!   I'm proud to have gained two seconds over the two days, down to 43.38.


I have no pics as yet of SofS on track - Andy, please?


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Results in various layouts available here




John, there is a TR4 (car 133) listed as well. I don't remember seeing compete, but it came in at 81 overall  position.

I am having a think about this type of competition, but I need some more tracktime and big autosolo to improve my technique. I probably also need to sit down when I find out how much it will cost me.....

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EXCELLENT!  Thank you, Casper! 


Not only one of the best pics of SofS, but it shows the lovely wooded aspect of Crystal Palace.  I have ordered my own copy.


And yes, I forgot the pale blue TR4, but looking at all the other entrants, it's not a good turn out for Triumph.

I chatted to many Triumph owners who visited the event, but none AFAIK, apart from Andy, who were members of this or any Triumph club.


If I didn't live so far away, I'd join Sevenoaks, a most active motor club that organises many different events, in all motorsport diciplines: http://www.sevenoaksmotorclub.com/

If you keep an eye on their website, I'm sure that next years Motorsport at the Palace will come up.



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