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Triumph GT6 MK3 RPM Gauge fixing?


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Hi all,


While assembling my dashboard for my Triumph GT6 MK3 I discovered that I have the wrong length metal fixing for the RPM Gauge that fixes it in place onto my wooden dashboard, after looking online I cant seem to find them available to purchase, does anyone know the specific name of them or are they just called Gauge fixings?? Please see pictures below.


Hope someone can help.

Kind regards,






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From your three most recent posts, I'm guessing you are reassembling a car someone else took apart!

The short "gauge fixings" (no, I don't know the right name) are correct for the smaller gauges, so search around your many boxes of bits and you will probably find the matching long one.


If you really, really can't, try a phone call to Canley's, who are pretty helpful.



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