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Lucas 22d for Vitesse


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Hi, can anyone tell me if a Lucas 22D with number 41305B is suitable for a HC late Vitesse engine, the weights are stamped 11'. I have checked another spare I have and its marked 10'.

Neither seem to match numbers I have read in an old courier article.


As usual any help greatly appreciated.


Thanks hag

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Car                Type                   Lucas / Delco No.            Stanpart No.           Vacuum Vac Adv Unit No.      Mech Adv at Dizzie

Vitesse 6   Lucas 25D6                 40865                           208914                  3-7 8                                           14


Vitesse 6   Delco D200                7953046                        211407                   2-7 8                                           14 

from HB15001    


Vitesse 6  Delco D202                 7953070                         211414                 6-11 6                                            9

from HB16302  


Vitesse 6 LE   Lucas 25D6          40866                              209050                                                                     15


Vitesse 2 Litre HE Lucas 22D6   41168                                                          6-20 10                                            9


Vitesse 2 Litre Mk 2

                     Lucas 22D6           41273                                                          2-10- 12                                         11


You could always give it a try.  It's hardly going to break the engine.  You could swap the advance control if you strip it.



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Hi, thanks Casper, I was wondering if anyone had any details, I'd looked on the web but couldn't find anything specific. It's good news for me, i now have the correct one to fit and an ok spare just in case.

Thanks for your help.


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