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Should I buy a hardtop for my Triumph Spitfire or not


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Ive recently brought a 1973 Triumph spitfire and due to the weather not being great I am debateing weather or not to buy a detatchable hard top for it. Would it  be a good idea or would it be a waste of money? I have been told by numerous people once its on id id never take it off.

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I like the factory hard top on a Spitfire, it looks great. After market ones, not so much. However I don't think it's something you can take on and off quickly, so it's soft top for the summer, hard top for the winter. Also you'll be lucky to find one the same colour as your car. And, where are you going to store it when it's off?  But if I had a Spitfire I would have to have one!

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Hello Jonny122.


Doug is correct regarding colour match - however there is an option which may appeal depending on the colour of your car.


Have you thought about having a black hardtop; ideally in high-gloss black ?? It really does set some body colours off very well indeed and of course you can paint that from any h/top you manage to find & own.


With regard to storage, you can buy purpose made mobile storage trolleys such as Ebay 280877369807 this is for a MX5 as an example. They are range between £75 & £100.


If you have a garage with suitable roof rafters you can devise a hook system which I did for one of my hardtops, see photo. I have even seen a pulley system being used whereby the h/top is lowered / raised on to the car - great system and of course saves lifting it manually. I'm sure I have a photo somewhere and will try and recover + post if I do find it. 


Just some thoughts.






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First of all Jonny122 great choice of car and I hope you enjoy driving it (or if currently like mine repairing it - see separate clutch thread) - let's see a picture. When I was looking for my Spitfire i had 'hard top' on the want list but in the end the one i bought did not have one. However, i have to say it has not been a problem. The hood is always down whatever the time of year and only goes up when it rains (invest in a good woolly hat and neck warmer). If it is going to be a daily driver in all weathers or kept outside then it would probably be a good idea to have one for the winter (or should that be summer?). Otherwise i would suggest driving it and see how you get on. The storage point made above is a good point as they do take up a fair bit of space.

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