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Stolen 13/60 Convertible

Mark Hammond

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Copied from Club Triumph forum....


Plaease keep your eyes and ears open for recently stolen white Herald 13/60 convertible with red interior and hood, reg no EXC 36G belonging to member Ashton Millard. It has a couple of distinguishing marks one being a 3 inch cut in the hood on the drivers side the other a 20" long key screatch on the passenger door (Crikey!). Ashton may be contacted on 07720 436359 or ashtonmillard@me.com


Hope this car is found.



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More info from CT forum


Hi all. Further to Dales very kind help in posting the bad news. Here's a little more info.


1969 (EXC 36G) 13/60 Herald convertible (off white/red hood/full red interior) was stolen from Clapton east London on Thursday the 16th of oct. Between 12.30pm and 5.30pm. Car was covered and secured with a huge steering lock. It seems that it was lifted on to a lorry according to the police.


As Dale mentioned there were two distinguishing marks. The hood on the drivers side was cut and repaired (about 2x 3" long cuts). Also the passenger door has a large key scratch running the length. (Same night! Kids I think). Another characteristic was the front passenger side outer bumber droops slightly. (Sad face!). I also just gave in and fitted an alternator in the last two weeks. Has a Sony radio fitted under the glove box. The doors are fitted with the inner wood trim from the vitesse and the gear knob is a sports 6. Not my doing.


It also seems a red sunbeam was taken the same day same time very close by. Just didn't think the classic car fraternity would indulge in stolen vehicles but I suppose it takes all sorts.


Im absolutely gutted as you can imagine.


Keep your eyes peeled pls.


I'm trying to figure out how to post some photos of her. Will do ASAP. (Any advice helpful!)


Thank you for your attention.



07720 436359.


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