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oil pressure


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Hi folks


Car holds good pressure on the gauge, but I understand some things can be fettled to show this.


Have read that if the gauge is fluctuating slightly (which mine does on my uneven idle) or losing a bit under load (say, going up a motorway incline, which mine does), then maybe the bearing aren't holding the pressure.


Any advice on this and if it's a problem (car just has road use and not thrashed, does about 3000 miles a year) would be great.


Thanks, Dave 

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There is only one spec triumph give thats 40 60 psi at 2000rpm


if the idle is lumpy then the pressure will correspond the same


motorway driving will raise the oil temperature and pressures may reduce

If you drop below 6psi at idle and the oil light comes on you are heading for long term trouble


odd variations are nothing to get emotive about , one train of thought if its worrying is remove the gauge


what oil do you use , low spec oils cause wild variations from cold to hot

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My GT6 is much the same, 80 cold and 40 hot but, can you trust the gauge? You may like to check your pressure relief valve spring. The pressure relief valve is on the side of the block, near the oil filter. Ordinary spring has 17 turns, uprated 20. Don't know why I know that! :lol:  

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You need an oil, with lots of zzzd , the lower spec oils dont have the addatives and our age ofnengine desing need them


I tried a low grade 20/50 from my factors and whilst normal runs managed okmif used more spirited

or speedy cruising the pressure would halve very quickly, with quite alarming variations

using Millers ( club shop )or Valvoline VR1 returned to a stable and predictable pressure in all operating conditions


I think a change to a oil around £20 + and you will find its very different to the budget oils

I noticed some in the Range shops and its not showing any AP1 or ACEA specifications at all

just saying 20/50 is not good enough for our engines


if you only toottle down to the shops amd an occastional short run it may be fine but anything spirited or

off for a 100 mile run , the cheap oil soon shows its weakness



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Hello Dave.


I have been singing the praises of Millers 20W/50 classic oil, which contains high ZDDP levels, for years and I have to say it's a hard one to beat.


My Vitesse is used hard and also abroad where summer temperatures mean summer temperature in the 30 degree plus area.


The oil keeps its "cool" under such driving / temperature conditions with excellent idle and running pressure.


I buy my Millers from Ebay via a company called Opieoils based in Cornwall; currently on Ebay 171316809653


Quite often they sell the oil for about £22 for 5L, but currently trending at just under £25. Being a fan of Millers Oil I also use their oil for my 4x4 modern (Millers XFE) and Sunbeam Alpine (same as the Vitesse) .


Some may say oil is oil, but that statement could not be further from the truth.


Oh yes, Opieoils also despatch via free postage and it arrives within a couple of days - what are you waiting for !!





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Millers seems the way.


It is a mineral ?.


Wasn't aware of the zzzz,s (zinc ?) being important.  Also engine hardly ever goes over 3500 revs, so thought ok.


Also, is it beneficial to give the engine a bit of a thrash, now and again, as these days I'm more like a Sunday driver 24/7.


Cheers, Dave 

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You dont have to thrash it,,, its just a bit more fun


having gone from a rorty Vit6 to a 2000 saloon it takes a while to get the smile back


All the cars are all happy tootling or tearing around they do both quite well


its not an issue


but plent of zzds helps with rocker wear etc. And with the sort of clearances we have stick to the specified 20/50 grades



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