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Seats: Recon the originals or are there better alternatives?

Don R

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I'm taking my Vitesse Mk1 to bits to sort out the chassis. 

In amongst the various wrecked / "life expired" bits the seats are pretty rough.  The covers are OK so I guess I could rebuild them but is it worth it?  I could do without hot weather sweaty sensations and they've never been very comfy (though they've always been pretty saggy when I've had the car). 

I've heard talk of MX5 or other leather ones that fit but it is shadow blue inside and MX5s seem to be black or brown, someone also said you could recolour them but that sounds a bit Heath Robinson - any suggestions?



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its quite costly to renew all the seat foam and diaphragms, webbing etc , but all quite achievable , use cable ties not hog rings when refitting


note where all the tucks and clips are positioned before your strip it out.



many use MGF MX5 Jaguar and others most will fit with some tinkering, MGF dont tilt but can be made to quite easily


some use diy plates to mount runner to the floor some make the replacement seat fit the old triumph runners ..  its an open book, needs some homework first.


saloons are easier than convertibles as the hood partition intrudes into the backrest  width space and can restrict how and what you fit as an alternative

if i can find a way to load a photo I have some of mgf fitted to my vitesse



cant be bothered to faf around with these upload so please click on my avatar profile and theres some MGF vitesse photo's in my gallery



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I have leather tilting seats from a Jag XJS sport fitted in my Herald convertible. The fore and aft dimensions of the mountings are the same as the original Triumph seats, but are 4" wider so made some adaptors out of angle iron and they use the original Jag sliding mechanisum. They tilt forward to let back seat passengers in and are also fitted with electric lumbar adjustment and heated ( yet to wire these up!) Also the seat belt stalks fit to the seats so they move back and forth with the seats.

They are cream in most cars but DIY leather recolouring is easily do able and is not heath robinson at all. There are leather dye/paint kits available or you can use Vinylkote which works on leather and PVC, I have used this in the past and is excelent stuff on both materials and does not wear off.

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Pete, Garth,


Thanks for the replies, interesting comments.  I won't be as cynical about the recolouring in future!  I've been looking as the cost of refurbing mine however,  the bits (as you say) are expensive and leather would be nice.  I want to avoid the looking too modern - some MX5 seats are a little too '90's' - but the MGFs look possible and I'll check out the Jag ones too.  Good luck with the heating!





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Anyone fitted Mx5 Mk1 seats to a late Mk3 GT6?

My original seats are rough and headrests u/s, total costs to refoam etc are a factor so bought seats from Ebay.

Cracking condition and very comfortable, any pointers/tips would really be appreciated


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One of our regulars in the Liverpool area has MX5 seats in his GT6, and they work well in what is always going to be a claustrophobic cockpit! He is actually a Club Triumph member (we are a broad church up here in Liverpool, it comes from having two cathedrals, two footy teams and a thousand opinions..) but I am sure he would send you some pix if asked. He bought the car with the seats in place, and had them recovered in wrinkle-effect leather which looks very cool.





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