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Lucas 22D6 dizzy lubrication


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Yes you cant see the bush its pressed in the base of the alloy casing,

doesnt matter where you oil it , just get some in under the contact plate and it will find its way

some dizzy have a felt oil pad in the base, some dont depends on make and model year


there is a oil hole in the lucas base between the two spindle bushes which gets some oil from the cam

Area , but its lacking on the top bush , hence a squirt from time to time saves grief


delco are far more dependant on doing this the lucas lasts better


As for a service schedule .......if it moves oil it

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Hi Dave


The owner's handbook covers this process for the GT6 Mk 3 - says a few drops of engine oil to the centre of the cam (felt pad under the rotor arm), a single drop to the pivot, lightly grease the cam surface and pour one teaspoonful of engine oil through the hole in the plate. Repeat every six months or 6000 miles - whichever is sooner.



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