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Wheel Stud Replacement Problem - 1972 MKIV 1300 Spitfire

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Hi all, small problem with my 1972 Spitfire Front wheel studs & hubs


Had a wheel stud shear and on looking to replace them with original the size for the steel wheels, ordered a set from Moss.


The splines and tapered shoulder on the old studs are totally different from the ones I received and don't fit my hubs, although on a lot of spares sites (Moss, Canley, Rimmer Bros etc.) only show the ones I received from Moss as being the right replacement stud. (see photos)post-369-0-46177300-1414070560_thumb.jpg


The hubs have several stamps on them too which seems to confirm they are the original hubs for the car.



Any ideas where I can get the original correct size threaded studs with the tapered shoulder?





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I'm not sure this will help, but I have just purchased some new studs, (although extended ones) From Jigsaw Racing Services. They stated to me that they have the original stud pattern and have them manufactured to it and although I have yet to fit them, they do look like the broken one in your picture



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I  suspect the suppliers are getting lazy and supplying something "almost" correct.


If you can, it is worth fitting Freelander studs and suitable nuts (M12, I use Fiesta ones but then i do not have the centre caps on my Mk4 Wheels).


The studs are £1 each, and the nuts about 90p.





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have used bullet proof ford and landy studs over the years ..straight in , may need a file to clear the front hub shoulder.


then there's stick to triumph and go for the T2000 or TR 7/16"   again straight fit .


do anything to get away from the piddling 3/8" studs and youre safe for the future 



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