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Hi all,


Took my Mk1 2L Vitesse Convertible for an MOT today. Didn't expect it to pass but, 6 years after naively purchasing it, the previous bodges are starting to show through. The bit I'm going to struggle with most is the rear n/s passenger floor pan. It's a bit of a mess. Fibreglass underneath and rust on top.


I have no welder/skills (yet) and live nowhere near 'home', where I can lean on friends/family. Is there any hope of plugging it for the MOT so I can at least drive it back? Or am I going to have to shell out to have it done professionally nearby? Any guidance would be appreciated.



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From previous experience its better to get it sorted correctly in the first place.  It shouldn't be that expense, i had all my outriggers cut off, new ones re-welded and the whole underneath waxoiled for £650 (just outside Salisbury) so a easy access job like that shouldn't be expense. Otherwise your just wasting money on another temp bodge.





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