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How do I confirm my engine CC


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Hi, I'm new to owning a Spitfire mkIV (Love it :) ).  It is registered as a 1296cc but I'm pretty sure it's had a 1500cc engine fitted at some point.  The engine number (FM4390HE) does not match the log sheet and  I'd like to get the registration details correct. Can anyone confirm that the actual engine number relates to a 1500cc Triumph engine.





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Hello Ron.


Details from Rimmer website.


I think you are correct and do have a Spitfire 1500 engine. I have highlighted in red.


I'm sure a Spitfire owner will confirm this beyond any reasonable doubt.


Do not forget to inform your insurance company !!




Spitfire 1500 UK Specification Vehicles Period of Manufacture November 1974 to August 1980   Total Cars Produced 95,829   Commission Number Prefixes FH (Issued to September 1979)   Commission Numbers Allocated FH75,001 to FH130,001   VIN Prefixes (Vehicle Identification Numbers) (Issued from October 1979 for 1980 models TFADW-AT   VIN Numbers Allocated (With 8 digit prefix as above) 000,001 to 009898   Engine Number Prefixes (All) FM
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