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I've owned my Spitfire for many years, and unfortunately having no garage, my cars have to stay outside.


I've used a company called cover-zone for several years.


I started off with the Voyager cover - light weight - not durable for long term outdoor storage.


Upgraded to the storm force, but where my car is it gets tree sap and ruins the cover - to be fair it lasted 3 years.


I have just upgraded/replaced it with the Monsoon cover which is 100% waterproof and has air vents.


It's just arrived in the post, so not tested, but I like the fully 100% waterproof coating and think this could be the cover I've been looking for.


Any thoughts or previous experience gratefully received.




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I used a monsoon for a couple of years on my Previous car (Stag) mine only lasted 2 winters, during the second one it began to deteriorate badly.

Worth saying that my car was a daily-driver, so I took it off/on everyday, so my usage pattern may not have been typical.


I ended up switching to a Hamilton classic moltex-type (bought via the club) which was excellent - a couple of seams began to go after 4 years, but my best surgical stitch-work with some leather-thread kept it going for another year when I bought another one.


I was impressed enough to choose the cockpit-cover from the same company for my current TR - slightly easier to handle and store in the boot - but obviously doesn't cover the entire car!


Hope this help..... Andy

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The trouble with anything said to be 100% waterproof is that it will sweat as it does not breath,  and the vents are not normally big enough to let the trapped moisture out properly, leading to conditions worse than not having a cover. The breathable Moltex type the club sells are not 100% waterproof, but like Gortex, they will let any trapped moisture through and ultimately you will have better protection.

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