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Spitfire 1500 4 branch manifold not fitting

Simon Underwood

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It's been a while since I posted anything on the forum, in fact I'm not sure I've posted anything on this one, it was all on the old one!


I notice that another contributor (mishmosh) had bought a manifold from a Chester based supplier that I assume is the same one that I've just bought one from. I actually got my local garage to fit it, and they've had a hell of a time with it. The manifold pipes were bent incorrectly to the extent that the mating faces couldn't be bolted to the head because the pipes were hard against the engine, and the mounting holes wouldn't line up. After a lot of work, they managed to get it on, but it still won't seal properly against the head, which means it's blowing. The only reason I got this was to avoid the manifold to downpipe gasket problem, but this is now seeming like a small price to pay given this problem.


So, I need suggestions. Do I:


a) Go back to a standard system and live with having to change the gasket occasionally?

B) Get a better 4 branch manifold- recommendations as to ones that actually fit?


I hoping the Chester based supplier will take the other one back- I'm thinking they should, it's certainly not fit for purpose.




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Hello Simon.


A hassle indeed.


Have a look at the TSSC club shop, I think they will stock what your looking for and with very good back-up service. 


My other recommendation, having used them often for other classics, is Double S exhausts in Cullompton Devon.


Your manifold is very straight forward so worth shopping around - also have a look at Rimmers and Canleys for price comparison.


I'm sure others using the Forum will suggest some additional suppliers. 


Do you have the company name in Chester ??


Good luck.



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Had a similar issue on a manifold for my GT6 Mk1 from a large supplier and after the umpteenth replacement had it analysed in the dockyard (don't ask).  They reckoned it had been removed from the welding jig before sufficiently cooled. Sent back and the Jigsaw replacement fitted first time.

Send yours back, as you say 'unfit', and my recommend is go elsewhere unless they are a local supplier you use regularly and normally have faith in; but two strikes and out.


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