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Spitfire 1500 Hood Popper Location

Bob Owen

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Just getting around to fitting a hood to my Spitfire 1500.


Not sure where the popper nearest the door should be located.

The Moss catalogue would suggest it should be fitted "on top " of the B Post Aluminium cap.

So, my question?, is this correct and if so do I fit on top of the B post cap or drill a hole in the cap to accommodate the popper ( the Moss catalogue shows a washer should be fitted under this popper but why ??)


Any advise would be appreciated




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Hi Bob, yes it's on the ally B post cap. But not on top, it's on the outward-facing part, so the edge of the hood is almost vertical and sheds water. A washer on the inner face would seem sensible to reinforce the aluminium when pulling the popper off.


Cheers, Richard

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