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Engine sealing block


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Not often I disagree with Pete, but I do here.


The wedges are, should be, as tight as a ... Tight thing. No harm in a smear of sealant, but you hammer them in and cut off excess with a chisel.

No joint should need "copious sealant". Just a smear, and as far as possible remove what squishes out. If there is a lot of squish, remake the joint, as it will have squished inside, where you cannot reach.


The Blue Hylomar aerosol spray is a good way to get a fine, even, thin layer on a gasket, but it is ridiculously expensive.



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Sump off on a 6pot is a bit of a fiddle , engine must be lifted a fair bit, so care on fan and hoses

may need stg rack dropping out its clamps, and push it forwards

the type of oil pump and sump, gauze also restrict fiddling it off


on one I had to undo the oil pump thro the gap and drop it in the sump .

And removed the splash gauze to refit it


some just drop off , some will fight you dispair then just pop off when youve give up

but its doable

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