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Triumph GT6 MK3 bonnet fitting problems


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Hi guys,


Having trouble fitting my 1972 Triumph GT6 MK3 that I am restoring. The bonnet isn't original to the car and when I bought it it had a poorly fitting fibreglass one on. The last owner sold me an original bonnet with it but not sure if it's off the same GT6.


A lot of the body work has been replaced on the chassis and body including the hinge boxes and lower side panels of the body. I have attached pictures below of the bonnet is about an inch out at the moment. If anyone has any advice on how to resolve this issue I would be eternally grateful, as the problem is holding everything up at the moment. And I can't figure out why it isn't fitting and have tried pretty much everything to get it to fit including cutting and re welding the front binge boxes, which improved it but didn't solve it.












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