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**11/04/21 One Down ** Probably how not to restore a Herald!

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re animals that can kill you, more so up north not so down south, saying that my son who lives near us has had a couple of poisonous copperhead snakes in his suburban backyard this summer caused by a new housing development behind him a bit of a worry, the trouble is by the time the snake catcher arrives there've scarpered. He'd put snake proof mesh on the bottom of the fence at the rear, then a young snake came up the driveway of the townhouses next door and thro the front fence! more mesh reqd, then they'll probably come down the 80 foot entrance drive from the street, hopefully someone will do them in from that source first.

We live in an estate of around 60 houses in the centre of a 18 hole private golf course and we back onto a 2acre council reserve and we we're the first house built and have never seen one bugger in 40 years.

Re SA's there's a lot here now in fact our old neighbor was one, nice guy but the twang takes getting used to.

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Happy New Year everyone! I thought I'd start the year the same way as I intend to continue, by making some progress on the Herald. With the body mounting bracket welded up, there is nothing

Slightly later than planned, but only because I couldn't be bothered to boot up the laptop yesterday, some pics of where I got to last week, and this weekend's progress. Last week after blanking

As you can probably tell progress has been somewhat patchy of late, focussed on some of the smaller items such as dashboard and wiring loom. The dashboard and loom are now complete and boxed up a

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The South African accent still catches me out, as well pronouncing G’s as H’s, particularly in people’s names.

Still not sure I believe you about Australian wildlife.

No update this week as in the words of Jesse from the Fast Show, ‘This weekend I have mostly been doing gardening and DIY!’, so no progress on the car.

Which was probably not a bad thing, as I’ve just realised I’m almost out of gas, so before I make a start on the passenger side, a trip to the farm shop is in order.



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My eldest Grandson (Dan) Lives In the hills above Gosford (NSW). He`s a working plumber, What he hates most is when he has to go into the undercrawl of some older houses. The "critters" tend to hide there. He`s been bitten by a spider, and needed urgent medical attention on one occasion. He had a big black bugger in his garage for a long while, could never catch it. Eventually it just vanished?.

What Pete(T) needs is a Mongoose?.

Had some good runs ashore in Capetown. P-E and Durban, Weirdest place was Walvis Bay. We Berthed near what had been a Waleing Station, loads of Abandoned Whale catcher boats just rotting. Loads of scrap Brass to be had.


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