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The never ending restoration


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My name is Kevin, I live in Lincolnshire, I have owned my GT6 mk3 since 1991, its a non rotoflex model.

I am in a seemingly never ending total restoration of the vehicle, think I have reached the end of the rust discovery phase!

Just finished welding in new boot floor, valance and rear light panel, next is a offside A & B post repair + sills and inner and outer rear wheel arch. The near side is finished. Then body off and tackle the chassis - keep telling myself its enjoyable!



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Hi Kevin!


Mine is also non rotoflex. It sat in the garage for 20 years! But, back on the road 3 years ago. So, all things are possible. No problems for 3 years but 2 days ago, blown head gasket!  Quite looking forward to fixing it. Very envious of your workshop. ;)



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