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Removing Herald Accelerator Cable


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I'm currently stripping the bulkhead of my 1200 Herald back to bare metal to check for corrosion.


I've removed the wiper motor, clutch and brake master cylinders, but am struggling to remove the accelerator cable.


I've withdrawn the brass bush attached part way up the cable, but can't get the peice that attaches to the pedal through the hole in the bulkhead.


Is there a trick I am missing?



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The inner cable is simply bolted to the carb so if you undo this end it will slide through the outer cable back inside the car, or if fitting attach to the pedal and then push the inner back through the outer from inside until it reaches the carb connection.  The cable should push through the hole in the bulkhead but yours may be non-standard or modified, so this method will work instead.

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