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Leaking Trunnion on my GT6


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Just had the grease cleaned out of the trunnions and replaced with the recommended gear oil.  Unfortunately one immediately leaked so the bottom of the trunnion has had to be been sealed with araldite.  Is this a common problem and possibly the reason why owners revert to grease instead of gear oil ?



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Just to add comment on this issue. I had exactly the same problem on my Herald after fitting brand new trunnions. I used J B weld which comes in a two separate tubes which you mix and I applied it to both trunnion bottoms, I did this about a year ago and all now OK so when I push oil into the trunnion it comes out the top as it should to prove it is full. Hope my comment is of help



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had a Chrysler Alpine drive  yes drive to me for a 'noise' and it humpd and banged up the drive ,  the crank was sheared in the centre main , but it  did RUN   amazing,    


we used to weld up all sorts of gears and components , take to the  copper plating shop then the chroming shop and use for trophies 

for poor unsuspecting winners     some weighed a ton.

if on the mantle you would need some acrow props.


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It was my old mini, it made a swishing noise every time I went round a right hand corner. After a week or so it did it all the time. I separated the flywheel cover and found I could move the flywheel left and right. Took the engine out and the crank has sheared diagonally through one of the big end bearings. The bearing was holding it together like a splint. 


Phoned the main dealer, new crank £40, exchange £20.

"How damaged can the exchange crank be?"

"In one piece!"



Went down the dump got a rusty old crank for £2.50, intending to exchange it. Got it home, cleaned it up, miced it up, didn't look too bad! Installed it. The engine ran another 5 years.

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