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U/J noise


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Hello All

             After our trip to Ireland I have stripped the n/s drive shaft down and here is what I have found(its enough to give me nightmares when I think of the mileage covered 1450)


As you can see the damage is only on one bearing and cup and it had dried up?(I am certain I filled them all with grease when fitted)


Looking at my records(not vinyl !) it has done about 18,000 miles(4 years) so I suppose not to bad for a cheap after market type?


I have ordered 2 new old stock GKN  Freelander types off Fleabay.(If they last longer they will see me out?)









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Hello Esteemed people and all others

                                                           My new old stock GKN u/j,s should be here tomorrow and I was thinking about what grease to use?


As they are old stock I was thinking of washing them out and repacking them but which type of grease? Moly CV joint type or ordinary?




ps we have been to see these beauties today at SVR 





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The grease in the cups will be ok never seen these deteriorate in store,

I would stick to normal grease ,, its worked ok all these years


on refitting do make sure a needle dosnt fall over inside the cap easily done with all the pushing clamping and vice twiddling


if cap resists dont force it , take apart check needles start again.


do make realy sure you tap the circlips to be fully located , its an easy Tee shirt to have one pop out on the first test drive,

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Hello All

             I thought I would measure a new and old U/J and post dimensions


Freelander Type  Pin dia 0.596"  Roller dia  0.093" Roller length 0.402"   23 off


Original      Type  Pin dia 0.575"  Roller dia  0.078" Roller length 0.375"   26 off


Which is about   plus           4%                         18.5%                        7%


Plus there is these little plastic? spacers/thrust pads which fit into the end of the pin?






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