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outrigger holes :what are they for?

Unkel Kunkel

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I am about to replace Spitfire outrigger/s


Question, please:


Are the holes-the three holes in the vertical anterior face - largish one inboard( through which on nearside the brake pipe travels and two smaller outer ones

What is their function (apart from the routing the nside b pipe )?


- Is it a reasonable plan, before fitting new one ,to "tube" the larger and close the smaller ones to prevent debris ingress and lessen rust progress ?

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Reducing weight, and letting water drain out or prevent the build up of damp and debris that would rust the metal away even more quickly than usual. 

I wouldn't bother tubing or enclosing any, I had a Herald chassis that was completely enclosed  - side rails and all - and it weighed a ton! Just keep them all clean, well painted and rust treated with Waxoyl or Dinitrol and they'll last for a good few years. 

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Apologies - I have posted this under" bodywork" rather than" chassis" .... fairly close..


I can see your point, Colin, regarding weight on a large scale boxing in but I am thinking here about short piece of say 28 mm dia tube - weight I would guess about 100gm max - plus filling in the other two small holes.

I was wondering if they were holes that assisted in the manufacturing process somehow and now rather redundant.


The outrigger I am about to replace was really rotted through - mid way along on its lower surface.

A drain hole there would have been useful.

- I intend to put one in on the replacement part

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