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Oil Cooler Pipe sizes


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Hi everyone, just a quick one, Im looking to remove my oil cooler from my GT6. I currently have installed a oil filter 'spin off' housing with outlets and instead of completely replacing this was considering just blanking the holes off on the housing. Firstly does anyone know what size they are? I think they are 1/2" BSP?? but I could be wrong, and could anyone tell me whether I can just blank them off or do I need to connect them together via a short pipe?




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All the ones I've seen have rubber hose to and from the oil cooler radiator. Simple enough to loop the hose between inlet and outlet on the spin off housing, or am I missing something? Having said that I would be anxious to have any rubber hose in the oil line.


Alternatively, take it all off including the spin off convertor and sell it on ebay at a price that would allow you to buy a standard spin off convertor from the club shop, £65?

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they are 1/2BSP

Butt, dont use the fittings that every Usual suspect sells,

or,the hydro spots for fittings


reason, a 1/2 BSP wol ina hydro fitting is like a 3/8th or less.

t,get a 1/2 inch ID, yer going tobe going to 3/4 fittings, which are huge.


try an use household copper pipe and fittings

thee,s still ev a 13 MM wol thru em,


yer oil hole feed frae pump is 9/16th, so why would one want to restrict their  oil flow

wid useing too small a fitting is beyond me comprhensionee


some folk fit 3/8th BSP, go figure wot sort of restrictionee they make.



Use copper pipe, or, use the chromed stuff, and only use a bit of rubber pipe for

flexing as it goes t, cooler end


see pic,nice an neat,an leaves alot moer room, compared to big rubber pipes

end pipes are high pressure hydro hose pipe.1000 psi busting an oil resistant at temp too













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If you don't want your engine bay to look like a bathroom towel rail (just envious of your skills, Marcus!) find and visit your local hydraulics supplier.

Their "rubber hoses" are built to take pressures orders of magnitude greater than our piffling oil pressures, for similar liquids and the connectors are swaged on to suit both.

Make sure that both ends can be tightened without twisting the hose (there is a descriptive name but I've forgotten) or you'll never fit it!



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