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Vitesse MK1 Exhaust Manifold


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Have had to replace several of these because of cracks in recent years. My stock now very low, thinking of changing to stainless steel any one care to comment on the available items from the various suppliers.

Just want to fit and forget, I have a standard stainless exhaust system.


Many thanks.



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fitted a pheonix 6 3 1  to the 1600  ( as mk1) and the 3-1 collector leaked like a sieve,  as this is intended as a slip joint, as there's alot of pipe expansion movement

the only solution was to cut a slot, weld some tags with a bolt  and turn it into a clamp or it blew all the time, no sealer would withstand the movement 


club shop had some mk1 tubular from Bell ..lifetime warranty on these 



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