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Locking choke on Mk3 Spitfire


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Hi Guys,


Wondering if anyone had changed the choke cable on their Mk3 spit to a locking one.


If so was it possible to get one that is same style as the existing round one. I'm not keen on the later square ones, as they would look completely out of place.


Alternatively I could carry on with the current wooden peg method



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Hey Peter,


I've taken a look at Canleys and couldn't see anything there


I've seen some on eBay for a mini, but they look shorter than the ones on the car.


Was wondering if the knobs can be swapped over so that it still looks original?


I don't know if anyone else has tried this



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Most of the control knobs are removable , look for small hole underside , press a pin in and this releases
the retaining plunger , to reveal the end end of the cable fitting ,
Then you can fit any similar design knob

Strombergs choke dont usually need a return spring, and shouldnt suffer from creep back

but youre on SU's  with a sort of return spring,  also renowned for sticking jets down .

But if in trouble gents use clothes peg...... ladies use handbag

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I thought the wooden peg was a factory fit option.


Mine has been doing 45 odd years of service, possibly even the same peg!


To make the original stay out (it doesn't lock) I suspect you just need to strengthen the clip that pushes on the solid bit at the beginning to increase the resistance.



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