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Inital oil pressure herald 1200


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Hi i am worried sbout the time it takes in the morning for my oil light to go out. I dont rev it it takes about 15 seconds. Once out its never seen again even on slow tick ovet in town traffic. I wondered if the oil filter should have an anti drain valve ?? Thoughts would be appreciated.

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depends on the make of the filter  , if its a spin on get some from club shop, you can get 4 for the same postage as one

the anti drain is not fitted to all filters , depends on the specification you have fitted, 


in the end its a very simple thin plastic  vane  valve that obstructs the input ports so when left overnight the oil hopefully remains charged in the canister


its low tech and not super reliable but it helps, your filter may not have one or its got one thats stuffed


the club shop GFE 119 has this valve 


suggest you just buy another filter  and see if it improves,  drain back is a long running subject more on the 6 cyl engines ,  

its seen as serious by many but the engines have lasted over 40years with this conundrum  

not revving it when she starts is a good move 



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It would not surprise me to find that your oil pressure light sender switch is failing (not at all uncommon, especially after 40-50 years). It certainly doesn't hurt to get a good filter with anti-drainback, but what you describe sounds more like a sender problem. Perhaps you can borrow a gauge (or buy a cheap one to fit at least temporarily) to get a better idea of what is actually happening on a "cold" start?

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