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Just wanted to share my recent experience and make a recommendation should any members be looking to get their engine tuned professionally. My MKIV Spitfire was running well although I always suspected it could run better. Although I had tried myself to set up the carbs I never managed to get them right as the various colourings of the spark plugs proved. I came across a rolling road centre in Alfreton, Derbyshire. Peter Burgess specialises in classic cars and in addition to offering the rolling road tune up service he also undertakes engine rebuilds, cylinder head refurbishment etc. After my Spitfire was "strapped in" Peter was quick to connect up his electronics and then took her for a run. He doesn't hang back and soon had her upto 85 mph and 4500 rpm. After a quick consultation with his laptop he identified that the carbs were not balanced and were running far too lean. The dash pots were removed and he was soon checking the needles. After every change made he went for another blast and checked the changes via his laptop. After about 80 minutes he was finished. The needles had been changed to get the carbs running richer. The SU's were finely balanced and the timing tweaked. I left with a car running so much sweeter with better acceleration from lower revs. The printout Peter provided me - copy uploaded - showed before and after performance and confirmed a max HP increase of 19%. Peter charges £80 for a standard session on the rolling road but this can be more or less depending on the work required. My session cost just £60 and it was worth that and more. Check out his services at www.peter-burgess.com .


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