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New Member - Herald 948 Convertible - Sri Lanka

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Hi All


Greetings from Sri Lanka!


I recently picked up a bit of a rough restoration project a 1960 Herald 948 Convertible. The car is currently is storage and i hope to start the restoration of it soon. This is my first triumph of any sort and looking for some advice and guidance with the restoration project - as an convertible herald is quite a rare thing in Sri Lanka - and i want to do the restoration justice. 


The car has had a rough life - with it being raced around a few hill climbs in the 70's and 80's and being subject to a few body modifications along the way - including a home made hard top. Will upload pictures soon. 


Hope to pick you brains on the bits and bobs as we go along. 




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Hi Gents thanks for the warm welcome. Was travelling on work but back and keen to move ahead with the project. Will start up a quick thread with updates as i get along. Lots of work was completed while i was away - so progress. 


thanks again


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