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New front of shop on line

Pete Lewis

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Just been talking to Garth and Im sure when all the updates are finalised there will be some heads up on the shop but if you have look there is a new brighter and cleaner presentation


work on aligning all the parts into families is progressing , its very time consuming ,

    and was all to do with the way the data was scrambled / transfered to the new epos system a while ago  by the hosting company


its looking good   well done 





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OK, so it seems the shop search is running on exact rather than wildcard or fuzzy matching.

I searched for "cone" and only got back diff cone mounting kits.  I also tried searching for the product code, as published in the printed accessory/regalia catalog but it doesn't look like that's used at all by the only shop, either as a code or included in the product content for searching.

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