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indicator repeat speed


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Spitfire 1500.


When driving at normal revs my indicators repeat at a normal pace but when I slow down to turn the indicators repeat at a very slow pace and almost stop when at low/tick over revs.

Is there an upgrade so that the indicators repeat at a normal pace when at lower revs.







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Hello Ant

              I would suspect your alternator is not giving correct voltage or fan belt is slipping, because if it is the original type of flasher can it relies in a bit of metal getting hot.


A modern electronic type would cure the indicator problem but not the root cause.


If you have a mini tester select a dc voltage scale to suit 12 to 15 volts and check the battery at tick over speed, you should have 12+ volts and rising to 14volts as you rev the engine.


If not check the fan belt for tightness and wear, if they are ok it is probably your alternator that is faulty.


You could just try unplgging the flasher can and look at the terminals if may be dirty connections if you are very lucky or try a different can.



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 If your alternator is a modern one and has the replaceable regulator/brush module fitted and is little low on output; you can insert a 10 pence diode into the wire between alternator and module to jack the voltage up. 

If you have a modern battery aka sealed battery, I would like to see over 14v and less than 14.7v at full revs.

Drive belt needs to be of the correct tension as mentioned above.




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