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Moto Build in Epsom


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David, you are quite right, I have no idea why I wrote Epsom, I blame it on momentary distraction ????


Are they considerably more expensive? Would you recommend anyone else in the area? I'm currently considering a full respray but don't want to go somewhere without recommendation from someone that has used them before



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When spending serious money on restoration work, best to look for a goodcompany, and not worry (within reason) about location.

JY classics, Triumph autoclassique (very good and I understand fair prices) are just 2 that spring to mind, both I have never heard a bad word about, but plenty of good things.

To a certain extent it depends on what you are after too. These are relatively simople cars, and lots of places can do good work. If you want top-end finish, yiu really need a specialist who knows where to source panels and importantly how they need chopping about to get to fit spot-on (sounds harsh, but many panels look OK, some are dimensionally incorrect)


Plan B, really should be plan A, is to go to your local meeting. Andy cook is around there, he should be able to give you some pointers.

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Andy comes to East Berks meetings at the Shire Horse near Maidenhead (2nd Tuesday of the month) but I think you would be nearer the Thames area meeting at the George in Wraysbury. near Windsor. (3rd Thursday)


I had new wings, sills and a re-spray at Beech Hill Garage near Reading. 20+ years later I'm still very pleased with it. They are principally an MG garage but don't let that put you off! 



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Thanks guys,


I will take a look at them all. As for meetings, yes the Thames valley is the closest one. I was there last month, lots of advice on mechanics, not so much on the bodywork.


I'm really undecided as the way to go as car has been maintained well, and is pretty much factory original. Little or no rust. Driver side sill has been replaced at some point and had a blow over rather than perfect respray paint around doors is chipped etc.


Anyway thanks for the info :)

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I live in Egham,never used Moto Build other than looking at a MK 1 Lotus Cortina they were selling.(sadly too much money).


Deacons in Limes Rd painted and fettled my Herald and Vitesse.No website or anything as its an old style family company in an old forge that's been going for 70 odd years.


I,ve seen a Red Herald from Staines and another Blue Vitesse in there in the last week.


I would say if you want big money high end work then one of the well knowns is for you.If you want decent work at good prices shop around.


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