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NEC classic Car Show


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Hello Pete 

                I hate to disillusion you but it is the same code for the TR Register and probably all car clubs?




ps I still think they could give a discount on Friday and it does not say anything about being a Trade show just 11th to 13th and Adults the same as Seniors so I don't know why they list it separate?

Unless they want to gauge the age of people(Big Brother?) 


pps I wonder if I would get away with short trousers? (5-15 year class) or do you thing the beard would give it away?

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Well you should get some change we await photo of you in short trousers

its certainly quieter on a friday only been once when helping on the club stand

Not on Com now so i dont have to

with car still in for accident damage some of the light has dimmed,, withdrawl senior moments



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Went once (and met Pete on the aforesaid stand :) ), but swore never to do it again after nightmare journey both ways, and wasting an over an hour at each end of the day just queuing to get in and out of the NEC, before I even got from / to the road works infested hell that is the M6. I also felt the whole thing was just too big, and a lot of it was either repetitive (do  you really need to have umpteen examples of the same model on a stand?) or people selling gee jaws that were nothing to do with classic cars.





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