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Excellent welding work on spitfire--north east--recommended


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I took my 1976 spitfire to a local welder a couple of weeks ago and would highly recommend him.

Anyone in the north east looking for repair work which is not a silly price then a trip to Blyth would be well worth it.


Never used this guy before but decided to give him a try.

I knew the spitfire needed a couple of jobs doing but this guy gave my car a thorough checking over and even after agreeing on a price he found some extra small bits and did them at no extra cost.

He kept my car for a week which did not bother me and pointed out some mechanical jobs I should look at fixing myself.


His welding work is excellent, not just a patch stuck over a hole, he made a very tidy job with it feathering into the bodywork and minimum amount of damage to the paintwork.

He also rebuilt the rear part of the sill where it meets the wheel arch and even put the small vertical lip on the rear quarter panel to match the rest of the bodywork.


Will definitely use this man again.


Unsure if I am allowed to mention names or phone numbers on this forum--not sure of the rules, but contact me should you need him.






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