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Antifreeze and aftermarket parts.


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Decided to change antifreeze in Vitesse over weekend, this is what happened to the cap " a quality aftermarket product". Got a replacement from a local motor factors for £2.98 must look for a new old stock item at next show I go to.

Any idea how old antifreeze should be disposed of as just pouring it away seems illegal.







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You must never pour antifreeze, or antifreeze contaminated water down a normal rainwater drain is it will either end up in a soak away, or go directly to a river or outeh water course, and contaminate it and poison the fish and other wild life.


Pouring a very small quantity down the toilet and flushing it with plenty of water will at least mean that it ends up being "processed" in a water treatment works before being discharged into the river network - still not great, but a thousand times better than down a rainwater drain !


Try asking what your local garage does, or as Mike suggests, ask at your local municipal recycling centre.


I would also add, KEEP IT AWAY FROM PETS and other animals and birds.

It has a sweet taste which most animals love, but it is poisonous, and destroys their kidneys.

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