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Results of the FBHVC 2016 National Historic Vehicle Survey


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Nice to see the future is - apparently - not going to be wall to wall MX5s, but with lots of BMW and Mercedes thrown in too.


I was interested in the argument of the restoration companies who claim it's difficult to recruit staff with the right qualifications, and so they may have to close..... surely the thing is to do as the factories used to, and train them? That way you invest in the future by having a young person brought on in a job in the way YOU want it done, and don't have to retrain an adult who has spent his life doing something differently?

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Hello Colin.


You are absolutely correct regarding the recruitment of young blood in to the classic vehicle restoration environment.


I do not know if it happens, but obviously not much reading the report, but such companies should be proactively seeking students nearing the end of their apprenticeship / training with a job opportunity on successful completion. It's a lovely goal to aim for and so much more interesting than dealing with modern day cars.


I've looked on the Web for restoration courses and the like in Sussex - there are loads of training establishments, surely there must be rich pickings to be had for recruiting. I wonder if companies (not just the classic vehicle scene) rely too heavily on just putting a "wanted advert" online or rely on recruitment agencies to do their work; the latter of which can be costly.


I say "get out there and scout your young bloods" if you really are interested in keeping "your company" afloat rather than wasting crucial time bemoaning the situation as these companies perceive it; albeit perhaps from a disjointed and lethargic perspective.


All the best



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